Hello and Welcome to the Smarter Society website!

Here you’ll be able to find tips, tricks, projects and knowledge to help you access a wider variety of information in the hopes of advancing your understanding of the world and your skills to help you thrive in it. I will do my best to thoroughly research the information before posting it, my hope is to have helpful, useful and accurate information because there is already a plethora of useless and inaccurate gibberish out there.

The goals of this site are to not only put lots of information in one place. I would also like to develop a tight-nit, supportive and helpful community to contribute to the advancement of their fellow members and of the site.

I decided to start the Smarter Society for a multitude of reasons; Firstly to encourage me to learn a wider variety of subjects and more in depth, secondly I was always sharing info I’d find with my friends and they seemed to find it helpful and I thought sharing with a wider audience would give me to opportunity to help more people and thirdly to gather resources and knowledge from individuals such as yourself and help disseminate that to the people whom it would benefit.

I would definitely like to incorporate members projects and knowledge throughout the site and I will be working on a way to structure and streamline the submittal process as soon as time permits.


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