Diet: Soy

Diet: Soy

Soy, no, just NO! Look at a box of cereal, 10 to 1 there is soy in it. Soy is cheap and readily made into a lot of things the food industry can use oils and what-not. But despite what the soy companies have lead you to believe soy is actually NOT good for you. Now my family knows that I rarely eat pre-made food or eat out because I try to only put semi-decent quality food into my body and since soy and other chemicals are so widely spread throughout all branches of food really the easiest option for cutting it out is just to eat healthier (make your own meals) and for me it saves money too. It may take an extra few minutes but in the long run it’s better.

So why is soy so bad for you? Well remember that time when you went through puberty? Yup great fun I know, so what did everyone say was happening? Yes good memory, that your hormones were changing. This is accurate to the best of my knowledge, for men (most men) the testosterone hormone is going into full production and for women estrogen takes the lead. Now there is still estrogen in men and testosterone in women but your body finds its own balance of the two. That’s why there was acne, your body was changing on a fundamental chemical basis and while it was unbalanced everything was thrown into a tailspin. But eventually (hopefully) it leveled off and your body found its happy levels.

And if your healthy and not pumping a bunch of bad stuff into your body it’ll stay that way, but if you’re eating stuff like soy it can basically not only extend the puberty-like effects but actually mess you up worse. You see many of our foods like meats, soy and gmo food has side effects. Live stock are fed hormones to help them grow bigger faster to increase production and reduce the cost in growth time. Gmo’s still aren’t fully studdied for their ill-effects on the human body, although there are said to be some seriously bad consequences for it. And for this article the focus of Soy. Now remember earlier when you were going through puberty (ya sorry for bringing that up again) well that hormone estrogen ya well guess what soy has? Yes plant estrogen which is metabolized into human estrogen when we eat it, not only that but leptins as-well. Leptins mess with your hunger signals so you think you’re hungry even when you aren’t (hey then you buy for food to eat that has more soy in it… interesting) and it also binds to stuff like calcium and magnesium and stops your body from absorbing those vital nutrients.

Now how does eating soy effect you? Well besides sapping nutrients needed for good bone health (including teeth) that estrogen does not bode well for men in-particular although too much estrogen in women also as ill-effects. For men it can lead to gaining lots of fat (especially around that awesome six pack you’ve been hiding) but that is the least of your worries because it can also lead to male gynecomastiaWhat in the heck is male gynecomastia? Well the on the streets we refer to it as “man boobs” yes man boobs, no we know those aren’t pecs from all the bench presses you don’t do. The good thing cutting out the toxins and soy from all the badly processed food can help fix this usually you don’t need medical intervention. Also working out lifting weights, cardio and body-weight workouts help your body not only flush out toxins through your sweat but also help your body regulate its hormones and taxing muscles (Normally I don’t approve of taxes but in this case I’ll look the other way) helps increase testosterone production. If you have very severe cases you may be put on a hormone treatment from your doctor but I’d try to avoid that since artificially changing your hormones is what got you here in the first place and it can damage your body’s systems for producing the proper hormone levels itself. If you’d like to read some more about Soy check out this page over on the paleoleap website (I’m not a huge fan of the paleo diet but it does work for some people).



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