Diy Cooking: Pemmican Bars

Diy Cooking: Pemmican Bars

Do you have a camping/backpacking trip planned, or maybe just want to have some emergency food stashed away for a rainy day? Well have I got good news for you and it’s called Pemmican. Pemmican is an old recipe some claim its origins were from the native Americans, others claim it had variations from Europe. Basically pemmican is a home-made survival bar, a long lasting calorie and nutrition dense protein bar. Basically it’s meat, blueberries, rendered fat and honey. The longevity of these bars isn’t exactly known most say between 3-10 years although some accounts say they will last more than 50 years, which if true would be quite the feat. I do plan on making these sometime in the future and I will definitely share my experience once I’ve made them myself, but for those of you whom would like a jump-start this article walks you through the basics. Or you can check out a book like this ONE which will have the information on how to make them as well.

PS. I’ve been told not to add nuts to the bars if you plan on storing them for long periods of time as the nuts will spoil quickly thus making the bars useless.

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