Don’t Try This at Home: Pellet Gun Mods 1-2-17

Don’t Try This at Home: Pellet Gun Mods

Anyone who’s fired a pellet or bb gun and then fired a real gun knows that there is a bit of difference, you don’t get the smell of the gunpowder or the satisfaction of the noise and knowing that you’re holding a controlled explosion in your hands (maybe that’s just me?). A pellet gun has it’s place in anyone’s gun collection, it can be used for pest control or more often target practice. I like practicing proper technique with a pellet gun because 750 pellets for 10 dollars is a lot cheaper than 0.20-0.80 cents per bullet for rifles. Also it’s much more quiet because of the lack of explosion it uses either a spring or a piston to propel it down range.

Now this project basically supercharges your pellet gun without adding much cost. Essentially you cover the pellets in peanut oil and fire them, with the increased pressure from the compression of the air used to propel the pellet it ignites the peanut oil and adds extra pressure on the pellet to make it move even faster.  This may cause damage to the pellet gun and you will have to clean it more often for sure, I just thought it was an interesting guide. Check it out, but I wouldn’t recommend trying this at home since pellet guns are not designed to operate like this.

Pellet Gun Mod


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