Natural Remedies: Honey

Natural Remedies: Honey

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Honey is a widely under-utilized antibiotic (it’s not really an “antibiotic” it is really an antimicrobial and antibacterial, among others, but for the sake of simplicity I’ll call it antibiotic). Honey has been used in a medical way pretty much since medical treatment first started, but it has been all but disregarded in today’s drug pushing medical field. It has many benefits including, but not limited to, helping relieve seasonal allergies and helping boost your immune system. Now unlike most antibiotics honey is Pro-biotic, what this means is that it promotes the growths of good bacteria in the digestive system thus improving over-all wellness. Most antibiotics are indiscriminate about what they kill and very often kill off many of the good bacteria in the digestive tract, thus allowing the bad bacteria to grow. Honey has also been shown to help speed up the healing of wounds, by not only having the bacteria killing power but also by keeping the wound sealed from air and moist to promote a better healing environment.

There are many different mixtures or concoctions out there from honey-garlic to honey-turmeric both of which are said to be very good for immune health ( which makes sense considering all the ingredients alone are good for you). I personally just use honey in my everyday diet, in my tea and in my energy snacks and I rarely if ever get sick and if I do get sick it’s over fast (a huge change from my childhood when I was sick it seemed every other week and lasted for a month). As a child when I was sick I would get ‘medicine’ thrown at me left and right but when I got to high-school I said enough and haven’t taken any medication since and it seems to have paid off the first years were rough I’d get sick and it would be intense but every time I got sick I started getting less severe symptoms and I was sick for shorter and shorter periods of time. Not taking the drugs plus cutting sugar out of my diet (pretty much completely, just replace sugar with honey) and working out has all contributed to now not relying on the drugs to keep me well my immune system has been built up.

Using pharmaceuticals to help cure an illness is akin to having some people help lift you up to do a push-up, will you get the push-up completed? Yes, but will you build the strength to do it on your own? Maybe but it’s going to take you a very very long time. Anyone that has read the warnings for prescription drugs has probably seen the insane possible side effects of the drugs, someĀ of which are stated because there’s the possibility of maybe someday it might happen and they needed to cover themselves legally. But the other side effects like liver damage and that sort are real because you’re pumping chemicals into your body and what the filter for chemicals and toxins? Your liver, and doesn’t that poor guy get enough of a workout from the weekend drinks with your buddies? If you’re asking me just stick to the natural remedies like Honey and you’ll be better off. You should always keep it on hand, try to get local honey or at-least make sure it’s not coming from China or other countries where there has been lead and toxins found in their honey.

Here are some pages with a more detailed list of the benefits of honey and some recipes for it.

There are plenty more resources but those should give you a solid starting point to learn from.


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