Preparedness- Shipping Containers

Preparedness- Shipping Containers

Whether you’re a prepper, a tree hugger or just someone looking for a quick cheap option of having a shelter shipping container homes may or may not be right for you. The prices vary greatly on used shipping containers depending on size, condition and if it’s insulated or not. Some of the first problems you might run into are the building regulations and HOAs (home owner associations). These can drastically increase cost and maybe prohibit you from using shipping containers at all on your own property! So keep that in mind when buying land to build on.

Shipping containers are generally 8ft wide 8.5ft tall and 20 or 40 foot in length. that’s 160 and 320 sq ft accordingly. The containers generally run between 500 and 5000 USD but can be more or less depending on location, deliver fees and other factors. For the 40 foot long container at 5000 dollars that comes to 15.6 dollars per sq ft of space but remember if you are planning on making a proper home of this container you will need plumbing, power, insulation, flooring etc. Given all the factors a shipping container home can quickly add up the the cost of a conventional construction home. Now if you’re just looking for a clubhouse, a shed or a cabin retreat you might not need to do all that just make a fireplace a chimney and a cot. If that is your intention I would say yes a shipping container would be a good option for you, limited work and it’ll be done fast assuming there is access for a truck to bring the container to the spot you want it.

If you’re looking at making a proper home with all the fixings well then it probably wont save you much or any money when all is said and done. If you were planning on burring the shipping container as a root-cellar or a bunker type situation I’d have to highly recommend against it. Shipping containers are designed to be stacked and distribute the weight on the edges and corners. The weight of of the dirt or rock against the thin walls of the container that aren’t made to be load-bearing will possibly cause it to cave in, you would have to properly reinforce them with maybe some steel tubing and a welder. For an underground structure I’d think that a cinder-block/concrete or earth-bag structure would be much better and cinder-block or earth-bag would be quite comparable in cost.

This was a quick pro-con summary of shipping containers I didn’t go in depth on the mathematics detailed about the logistics, but I think this will help you to decide if a shipping container is the best choice for your next project.

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