What do I Think About: MEMES & Gifs 1-28-17

What do I Think About: MEMES & Gifs

Alright kiddos join around and let the ol’ bloke tell you a story about a time when I was younger, a time before memes. Just kidding that would be a horrible story life sucked before memes. Now if you’d like to express an emotion or thought more clearly just throw a meme in the conversation and you’re set! Do you want to say “good job”, well depending on context that phrase could be misinterpreted to have two very different meanings. “Good job” said in a sarcastic tone or context means that you screwed (messed) up. Where as “good job” said in an encouraging or happy manner well means that you did a good job… Now in the land of text communication that can easily get confused but with memes and gifs you have a way to clarify your intended meaning. Observe


You see using the same phrase “good job” you are able to give the literal meaning and the sarcastic meaning. I find this extremely useful when talking with friends and family. It’s even better for dealing with people you just can’t be bothered to talk to but unfortunately they still have your phone number. Whenever they text you just reply with a quick gif.

It get’s the point across without being entirely mean because it adds a bit of humor into the mix, now some people are really dense and you’ll have to follow up with a classic Jack Sparrow or a Fuller house DJ Tanner:


And sometimes people are just plain oblivious, throw them one of these to solidify your point:

Now I was messaging a couple of my close buddies the other day and a though occurred to me while I was doing my “don’t type anything just use memes and gifs” mode that I sometimes enjoy doing. You should try it, it can make for a much more entertaining conversation (if you aren’t in person). The conversation went something like this (and before you even freaking ask no I don’t do drugs and no I’m not stupid sometimes I just let random thoughts find there way into conversation to see what happens.)
Me: Holy crap I just had a thought

Buddy: What

Me: Dude what if the ancient Egyptians originally had a written language like ours at first and then they just started communicating with memes and that’s how hieroglyphs were made. And then they completely lost their written language and we are on the same path?!? (And for good measure I threw in a gif to put emphasis on my point.)

I’ve found that you can have a complete conversation without using any words, something like 70% of human communication is non-verbal anyway (body language, tone etc) that means if you use strictly text to send a message then it’s about a 70% less fulfilling conversation. It’s just something to think about and I hope you all have a wonderful productive day!

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