What I Think About: Mental Barriers 1-18-17

What I Think About: Mental Barriers

Today I want to talk about something quite meaningful, to me at least. So here’s some pretext: in high-school was the first time that I came to the realization that I (yes The Smarter Society creator himself) was placing mental barriers on myself. Now this ranged from the simple “I can’t Ace that test” to the “I’m not in shape so it’s impossible for me to get fit and healthy” and EVERYTHING in-between. Most if not all of these barriers were subconscious, things that I accepted to be true without any evidence to back them up. But what could I do? This was beyond my ability to control, my mind had run the scenarios and come up with these undeniable truths… or had it? Time and time again these barriers or limits would be reached but not surpassed, they in essence had become a series of self-fulfilling prophecies.

Now The end of Junior year was arriving and it was time to test out of another year of physical education, and to do this you had to run a mile in something like 8 minutes do 20 push-ups 50 jumping-jacks ( those aren’t exact numbers but something around that) and some other rubbish. You didn’t have to pass all of the tests (I think there were 8 tests) you just had to pass 3 of them. Now like I said, I was overweight and far from being in shape. Honestly I think the most push-ups I had ever done was maybe five in a session. There was no way I was passing the 8 minute mile and I had already passed the two easiest tests and skipped out on 5 of the tests so all that was left was the push-ups. I have never liked failing, in fact for most of my life up until recently I wouldn’t even attempt to do something if there wasn’t a 90% chance that I’d be great at it. I missed some opportunities that might have really turned out well because of that fear. So with that you know there was no way I was going to fail this test and waste a whole year doing P.E. So the test began 1,2,3,4,5 push-ups 6, “wow a new record” 7 “oh I don’t think I can do anymore” 8,9,10 by this point my body was screaming and my mind was saying “just give up you can’t do it I’ve given everything I can.” I actually ended up making it to 23 push-ups and I passed. From 5 push-ups to 23, no training up to it at all. You see I could have done those 23 push-ups at any time I just lacked the motivation and will power to push through my mental barrier that said “you can only do 5 push-ups maximum.” But when push came to shove That was a complete and utter lie I had been telling myself.

If something like that had been a lie then what about the other barriers I had been placing? Could I Ace that super hard test, could I get fit and healthy? Suddenly there was a Limitless amount of opportunities that were possible I did start working out and getting into shape and with minor setbacks it’s been over-all quite successful. Now I’ve wanted to created this site for years really but again I was creating those mental barriers for myself saying oh it won’t be successful, it won’t work, no one will want to read it etc etc. Then I realized it was making those barriers for myself again and I said to myself “self stop being so pessimistic; you can build a useful site, it may or may not be successful but that doesn’t really matter and if even one person reads it and is helped by it then it’s worth all the time and effort you put into it.” And then The Smarter Society was born. Will this site be successful, will it generate any money? Who knows, it would be great if it did if I could do this full time but that really isn’t the point, the point is to help people and to share knowledge and experiences.

So don’t be that person that gets stuck behind the gate and decides you can’t move past it, be the person that realizes that there isn’t a fence and you can walk right on through to your goals. (Nailed that metaphor)

Always keep Learning, Question Everything, Create a Smarter Society


Creator of The Smarter Society.

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