What Do I Think About: Procrastination 1-25-17


What Do I Think About: Procrastination

Look if anyone is the king of procrastination it’s probably me. I can literally end up on youtube, or staring at a blank screen rather than doing what I originally set out to do ( I know it’s a gift… from HELL!) Needless to say it makes even the most simple tasks quite daunting when I know that a five minute task will likely take 3 hours because of how much I will get distracted. At any given time I have about 10 tabs open on my internet browser of useful items that I need to check out and read, and about another 10-20 that are a complete waste of time. So obviously I go through the complete waste of time tabs first. Come on I know I’m not the only one.

Whether you’re swiping right or checking out the Trump-inators latest tweets, it’s very easy to be distracted. I get dozens of emails everyday, most of which are junk that slips by the spam filters, a few news letters that I like to stay apprised on (like the Smarter Society email), and notifications of new sign-ups for The Smarter Society community which is very encouraging and most definitely welcomed.

Recently I found that I spent around an hour at a time trying to find something good to watch on netflix that I hadn’t already seen (yes I’ve watched far too much on netflix.) So today I decided that that is simply unacceptable and if it’s not in the recommended for me or the trending sections and rated 4 stars or up I’m not going to watch it, not only does that save me time looking for shows/movies it also saves me from spending time watching shows/movies that just aren’t worth the time. Now that doesn’t include TED Talks there’s some really good information to be gleamed from some of those.
My procrastination has gotten better since I started up TSS well honestly I procrastinated on making it for a few years because I wanted to know everything I needed before I started (which honestly if you know anything about starting a blog/website it would take you years and it’s always changing). So I decided that I had a good basic understanding and I could learn as I went. Let me tell you that since I started about 1 month ago I learned more than in the previous year, the best way to learn something is really to do it.

I meditate every morning which helps me stay focused ( at-least for a few hours) but my biggest problem at the moment is I just want to be outside. There is nothing for me to do outside until the last freeze of the season though so really it’s quite frustrating, still right after meditating I go out and walk around checking on everything catch a few sun-rays and then come in to get started for the day. I’m learning how to strategically procrastinate, 5 minutes here 10 minutes there once every hour or two and it seems to be actually boosting my productivity vs just sitting and working for 3 hours straight.

I’ve already taken a quick break while writing this, nothing exciting just walking around and checking on some food but it’s enough to just give the mind a break so that it will work more efficiently. Really to beat procrastination you need to exercise self-control and self-discipline both of which I know could use some strengthening in my case. It’s really something I struggle with but with a conscious effort I am improving. I’m trying to do more work outs,¬†get on a steady schedule with my Udemy courses, stay on top of the website, and working on learning a new language (I know I’m probably going to burn out). If you’ve got any tips to stop procrastinating or if you struggle with it too please share your experiences.



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