Video of the Day 12-21-16

Video of the Day: Sugar is a Drug

All of my family and friends know exactly what I think about refined sugar, and on this post my bias will be quite obvious. Unless you grow all of your own food and only drink water then chances are that you ingest quite a bit of refined sugar each day, probably well over the recommended maximum of 32g per day. Like most things things in life concentration of things have a negative effect, if you are binge-watching every episode of Breaking Bad¬†or refining poppy seeds into opium then it’s probably going to have ill effects on your health. Since the sugar is so refined it’s quickly absorbed into the system causing, among other things, rapid blood sugar spikes. There are many forms and names for sugar so cutting it out of your diet can become quite a task, going through every ingredient looking for any of the 20 or so names for sugar. There is also evidence to show that sugar not only feeds cancer cells but might also be contributing to causing cancer. Over on the What I’ve Learned youtube channel there’s a few good videos about sugar and some other interesting topics, he doesn’t have that much content yet but I’m liking what I see coming from him very coherent and he seems to be informed on his chosen topics.

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