Video of the Day 12-26-16

Video of the Day 12-26-16

So you want to gear up for the zombie apocalypse? Well everyone needs some body armor, and hey why not have it be bullet resistant as well? You know, just in-case. Well now there’s a cheap option (although when your life is on the line ‘cheap’ shouldn’t really be your first consideration). The ZNA Productions youtube channel has brought us this gem using some fiberglass resin and a fiberglass welding blanket and made some quite impressively strong armor. Now I don’t know if I’d trust my life to this option but given the option I’d rather have something like it then have nothing. As far as I know the zombie apocalypse is a while out no matter what The Walking Dead says, so you have some time to make this. Anyway thought this was a pretty cool idea and it seems to be rather effective (surprisingly enough).

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