Video of the Day: Alternative Living Arrangement 1-17-17

Video of the Day: Alternative Living Arrangement 

Today’s video is a little different, it’s not so much of a how-to as a story of why and perhaps you will relate to the story. I know several parts resonated with me. Now this video is from the Hobo Ahle youtube channel. Yes hobo, although the name is slightly misleading you see she doesn’t actually not have a home it just happens to be a vehicle rather than a stationary, brick-and-mortar type home. A young college student looking to save money and experience life (that could apply to a lot of people) decided that paying so much rent for a place she was barely ever at didn’t make sense anymore. She had showers and such available at work and school, but with a gym membership you could have those available as-well. It’s definately out of the “societal norm” and that’s exactly why I’m sharing it, to show you that there is always an alternate way of doing things and sometimes (not always) it will work out for the better. But you never know until you try.

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