Video of the Day: Bias 1-9-17

Video of the Day: Bias

Everyone has some bias it’s pretty much impossible to completely eliminate. When I start to learn something new I try to look at what I know in relation to that subject, I look at this new information, then I look for the counter-argument to that new information. From that I try to best ascertain which side makes more sense and that is purely based on my perception of reality based on what I know and what I’ve experienced. I do think it is best to always try to look at the facts on both sides because even if you end up still believing what you started out believing than at least you can better explain why you think the way you do. Over on the Practical Psychology youtube channel he shows the different types of bias that we experience and he explains how or why they effect us. Check it out because it’s hard to really gain knowledge if all you want to do is reinforce what you believe is true because that’s what you were previously TOLD.

Always keep Learning, Question Everything.





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