Video of the Day: Biogas 1-14-17

Video of the Day: Biogas

Todays video is about the solar cities design for a Biogas digester. Now what is a Biogas digester and why do you care? Well what it does is it turns food waste, or animal waste (rabbits, chickens, cows etc) into methane gas and a sort of ‘compost tea‘ for use in the garden. There are much more permanent designs than this one scaling from a single house, to a neighborhood or even enough for a full fledged power-plant. This design though is cheap, quick, relatively easy to build and should be pretty effective. Now why would you want methane? Well you can use it in a propane stove to cook with or you could use it with a modified generator and produce power for remote areas/ off the grid communities. It’s a really cool step towards self-sufficiency and could definitely be a good learning tool if you’re a teacher.

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