Video of the Day: Breaking Habits/ Addiction 1-7-17

Video of the Day: Breaking Habits/ Addiction

Most all of us have some habit or addiction that we’d rather get rid of, maybe you’ve tried and it worked for a while but you fell back into it. Maybe you have friends that are battling with addiction. It’s not always just about will-power, if an alcoholic says they’re going to stop drinking but keeps going to bars every day then it’s a recipe for failure. Now maybe that alcoholic instead goes to the gym and starts hanging out with people who are all about healthiness and fun. Now instead of being with the heavy drinkers all the time he’s with people that rarely if ever drink and are still enjoying their days, not to mention all of the beneficial effects of working-out and being healthy that is helping mitigate the damage he did all that time drinking. He’s many more times likely to be successful in kicking that addiction than the guy sitting in the bar every night. The point is there is more to kicking a habit than just stopping it, if you don’t make other life changes that compliment a healthier lifestyle than it is more likely to fail. This video from the Improvement Pill¬†youtube channel gives a few quick tips to help you learn how to best succeed in beating that habit.



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