Video of the Day: This is why you can’t focus 3-9-17

Video of the Day: This is why you can’t focus 

Now if you’re in the modern world then the chances are your life consists a great deal of the internet. And like I always say the internet is a great tool, or a dangerous weapon. It can be used to help improve your life and knowledge, or it can be used to stop you from doing anything of meaning or improving your life. We are better connected to everyone on the planet today than in any other time in known history. We have facebook, instagram, snapchat and twitter just to name some of the big players. But what does that mean to your life? Sure you can know when Kanye breaks a nail right away but what does that do for you?

Well what it does to you is it distracts you making you lose focus on whatever world changing idea you were pondering. And between keeping up with Kanyes broken nails and the Trump-inators most recent tweets your brain starts to train itself to be prepared for constant distractions, not only that it stops using the ‘deep thought’ processing that it needs to focus for extended periods of time. Will deleting your social media accounts let you find the cure for cancer? Probably not, but maybe theoretically it could I don’t know what your knowledge set is. I keep my accounts but I make a conscious effort not to check them during the day, although many times I find myself wondering if there are any notifications it’s a problem I deal with so I can keep in touch with my friends. Check out the video to learn about what the constant distractions are doing to your mind.

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