Video of the Day: A Deep Hole 12/19/16

Video of the Day: A Deep Hole

Anyone of us that has gone to school has probably seen the model of the earth showing the Crust, Mantle, Outer-core and the Inner-core. The commonly taught model of how the Earth is made up, there is a major problem with that model. Like far too many things we’re taught in science class today the model showing the Earths interior is NOT scientific in the least! Unfortunately over time science has widely been replaced by ‘Scientism.’ Scientism is essentially a religion, a theory is formed without any basis, provable parts and it can’t be tested or repeated but it is then said to be scientific fact. Science without the scientific method of forming a hypothesis testing it submitting it for others to repeat then forming a theory is long dead in most of the scientific field. For instance The Big Bang THEORY is not even a theory but a hypothesis however it is taught as fact in classrooms everywhere, it hasn’t been tested and it hasn’t been repeated therefore it is unscientific (not to mention the many other flaws like how everything was created from nothing which goes against the laws of physics as we know them that matter cannot be created or destroyed. Much like that what we were taught about the earths interior is just a hypothesis since we haven’t even gone deeper than 1/3rd of the way through the Earths crust according to their own model.

Over on the SciShow youtube channel there are a bunch of interesting videos on a variety of topics. The video I selected for today will help you become wiser by showing you the difference between fact and fiction that you have been taught in school. The deepest hole ever dug was called the Kola Superdeep Borehole, located on the Kola peninsula in Russia. They made it an amazing 7.5 miles (12km) deep, starting in the 1970s and drilling until 1994 they managed to make a number of discoveries that went against the hypothesized model of what should be under our feet (and they didn’t even make it through the crust). Imagine what else could be wrong that you were taught as fact but is in-fact not true or tested at all, it’s a scary prospect but it isn’t a conspiracy theory at all it’s the Scientism religion passing itself off as scientific fact. I love science, performing experiments, gaining a deeper understanding of the causes and reactions of the tests but when I hear a theory or hypothesis being taught as fact it makes my blood boil because it goes against everything science stands for. Okay no more ranting check out the video.

Always keep Learning, Always keep Questioning.


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