Video of the Day: Diet Myths-Fats/Cholesterol 1-3-17

Video of the Day: Diet Myths-Fats/Cholesterol

Today keeping in line with the New Year and many peoples resolutions to improve their health, today’s video (courtesy of the What I’ve Learned youtube channel) is about fats and cholesterol. For the last few decades fats were demonized, but it was based off of inaccurate, carefully selected data (hmm somewhat like the “global warming/ climate change” data). There is a lot of study on fats and cholesterol that disprove the commonly distributed thought that they cause heart-attacks and fat gain. I personally started eating a more fat/cholesterol-rich diet and I’m in better health and better shape then I have been in my life, I have more energy and I’m putting on muscle at a faster rate than when I was even using protein shakes and working out daily. I cut out almost all processed food virtually all refined sugars and soy. It’s been a real revelation to me and it really shows how hard¬†information once deemed true by the government or companies, is to be accepted as being incorrect or flat-out false.

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