Video of the Day: Digital Zombies 1-31-17

Video of the Day: Digital Zombies

Today’s video is reiterating a point I feel very strongly about from the TEDx Talks youtube channel. So many of us these days are missing on some of life’s most memorable and important moments because we have our heads buried in our phones. Patrik Wincent (the speaker at this TED Talk) talks about a time when he missed his son score the winning points a tournament because he got a facebook notification and just had to see what it said. I’ve seen stuff like that happen time and time again sometimes to myself, I miss important parts of conversations or events because I was on my phone (before I decided to cut it down) I actually canceled my phone last week because I barely ever used it these days. I don’t have it in my pocket when I go places and I don’t miss it one bit. I’ve been more social, I have more to say and talk about with people because I’m focused on the conversation rather than in the back of my head wondering what cat video Bob just shared on facebook. It’s really been a revelation for me and since I owned the phone outright I can still use it to text and call with an app that uses wifi, that way I don’t lose touch but I’m not tied down by it. Anyway check out the video and maybe you’ll see some parallels with your own life, and maybe you can adjust your habits to make better choices.

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