Video of the Day: Dirty Aluminum 12-23-16

Video of the Day: Dirty Aluminum

Ah aluminum it’s all over the place from disposable turkey pans to electrical wires. Did you know kings used to have their dishes made from aluminum? Yes it was so rare that instead of gold the king would eat from an aluminum plate, gold is for peasants. Once some new refining techniques came about aluminum went from highly prized to basically a throw away material. For today’s video Cody over on Codys Lab youtube channel brings us this gem of a video showing us with conventional science how to get aluminum essentially out of dirt. Now this by NO means is an efficient or worthwhile process for you to do on a small scale, if you need some aluminum go buy a 8 dollar roll from the store and melt it down to your needs. Like with many procedures the larger the amounts the more efficient the cost becomes but don’t think that you’ll be making money in your backyard by digging it up and selling aluminum. None the less this is a cool project if you get bored one weekend, check it out.

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