Video of the Day: DIY Computer Case 3-20-17

Video of the Day: DIY Computer Case

Tired of the same-old looking computer cases? Are you ready to assemble your own computer? Why not take it a step further and make a custom case to hold your hardware? It really isn’t all that difficult with a bit of effort some measuring and some work you can! This video shows just one idea there are some crazy complex and cool computer case builds that are just insane and the work that goes into them is generally equal to the amount of awe-factor. There is nothing wrong with buying a computer case for many it’s cheaper or simply more efficient to buy one and that is perfectly alright it’s definitely not for everyone. None the less this video will give you a basic idea of what is involved in creating a simple pc case and will hopefully encourage you to step up your game for your next build so check it out.

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