Video of the Day: DIY Sound Panels 2-7-17

Video of the Day: DIY Sound Panels

I have some friends interested in making youtube videos and it really still is a growing market to get into. If you just want to make videos for fun or try to turn it into a full time job you’re going to want good sound quality. For good sound quality you need two main things, first a good microphone and second good room acoustics. Most of us don’t live in sound studios but theĀ acoustics of any room in your house can be modified by adding sound panels to walls/ ceilings. High quality pprofessional sound panels tend to be quite expensive, but here is a tutorial on how to make quite inexpensive pretty solid quality panels to help improve your rooms acoustics. This will not help you provide any quality footage or give you talent unfortunately it will just help enhance the audio experience of your footage. Check it out it’s a quick simple project that can be done on the cheap.

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