Video of the Day: DIY Tripwire 4-3-17

Video of the Day: DIY Tripwire

Today we’ve got a fun or a practical project depending on implementation. If you’re of the prepper/ survivalist mindset you’ll see a perimeter alarm or a booby-trap. If you’re of the more devious/ playful mindset you’ll see an excellent platform for some pranks. Perhaps this could even be modified to help create some sort of cool mechanism that could be part of a totally unrelated system who knows.
DIY with Arduino – 5 Simple Projects to Get You Started

This is a rather simple project but it isn’t without it’s hazards especially if you don’t know what you’re doing. So take the proper precautions before-hand and always be careful when working with anything involving flame, electricity or explosions. There may be legality issues with creating these in some places so check to make sure you are in compliance with all local regulations first. Other than that have fun, be safe and get pranking.

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