Video of the Day: Don’t Sit Down! 1-28-17

Video of the Day: Don’t Sit Down!

In today’s video from the Tedx Talks Youtube channel Roger Frampton explains a bit about why back problems are becoming more and more common. The main reason is sitting, yes that thing you do for 3 hours a day in traffic, 8 hours at the office and another 3 or so hours on the couch. I love Ted Talks they span such a wide variety of subjects that I can usually find something useful to learn about quite quickly. Back on track; Roger talks about posture, our posture is so unnatural these days because of our sitting down and using computers. He says that if you focus on moving properly and practicing correct posture then you will actually develop muscles that will hold that posture without you having to focus on it (after quite some time I’d presume). Consider getting a mobile standing desk (yes it’s a real thing) or if you can a full desk there’s loads of different styles and options so look around. Another thing you could do is see a chiropractor, I always feel great after a visit but it’s something you need to do semi-regularly and in conjunction with good posture habits to really get the full-effect.

I’m a proponent of natural medicine and preventative care, which means if you do things properly (like have good posture) it will help you in other aspects of life; confidence, health maybe even longevity of life. Your spine is aguably one of the most important parts of your body, it is the highway of signals from your brain to everything else. If the spine isn’t functioning properly then you will suffer, sometimes pain sometimes loss of dexterity or feeling and sometimes paralysis. So check out this video and start being more conscious of your posture habits today!

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