Video of the Day: Down Draft Gasifier D.I.Y 1-26-17


Video of the Day: Down Draft Gasifier D.I.Y

Today’s video is a how to on making a down draft gasifier courtesy of MrTeslonian. Why on earth would you want to build a gasifier? Well let’s take a quick look at the possibilities;  you could run a car or tractor with a gasifier or you could run a generator and provide your own power (maybe you’ve seen a product like This that works on a similar principle of providing power from heat). How does a gasifier fuel an engine? Well put simply smoke is essentially unburden fuel that is in such small particles that it can easily be re-ignited. All an engine needs is fuel air and ignition to create the explosion due to the rapid expansion in gasses to push a piston down and turn the crankshaft and a gasifier provides the fuel through smoke. Now don’t go out and convert your brand new Ferrari with a gasifer because while quite frankly that would be dumb. I’ve seen plenty of old cars/trucks/tractors using gasifiers as fuel and they seem to run quite well. I don’t know of the limitations for speed that you would experience but I’m relatively sure you wont be seeing a gasifier powered car in the Indy 500 anytime soon.

If you are powering a generator with the gasifier you could also use the heat generated to warm your house or cook with it. This way not only are you generating electricity but you’re also not wasting that heat. I’m all about using resources more intelligently and completely and if you are going to light up a fireplace for warmth you’re only benefiting partially from the burning of that wood. As the old saying goes, “waste not want not” and I’ve found that to be a very solid wisdom to adhere to.So this is just some food for thought and maybe a cool DIY project so check it out and tell me what you think.

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