Video of the Day: Electric Foundry

Video of the Day: Electric Foundry

Over on TAOW (the art of weapons) youtube channel there is a very interesting design for an electric aluminum foundry. Many home brew forges/ foundrys are wood, coal or gas based which works well and has worked for 6500 years (give or take). With an electric foundry you have the benefit of temperature control, if you only want to melt aluminum you don’t have to heat it up to 2000 degrees Fahrenheit you can set it at 1221F (660.3C) and save the power and extra wear on your crucible that a higher temperature would inflict. Now I don’t know if this foundry could handle melting steel (from the looks of it the element would fail) 2500-2750F (1370 1510C) is probably better achieved through a coal foundry. Dealing with molten metal is a very dangerous endeavor and should not be taken lightly, make sure you have a solid understanding of the process and allĀ protective gear required. And definitely use your common sense and adult supervision. Other than that creating your own knives, tools, decals, jewelry or any number of other items can be a very rewarding and fun hobby.

Be Safe Melting my friends



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