Video of the Day: Flat Earth Physics? 12/18/16

Video of the Day: Flat Earth Physics?

Disclaimer: My goal on this site is not to try to influence you into one way of thinking, it is to get you to take information and think for yourselves. I am not pushing the “Flat Earth” theory which was the accepted model until the 1500’s nor am I promoting the “Globe Earth” model that replaced it and that we have accepted for the past 500 years or so. This is simply giving a counter-argument to the accepted scientific model, which any self-respecting scientist would agree that the only way science is proven one way or another is by questioning it and testing it.

Now if you’re like me you have a healthy respect of that fact that we as humans know and understand only a fraction of what surrounds us and what makes us work. Now this video is putting into question not so much the question of a round earth as it is putting into question the rotation of the earth (which kind of go hand in hand but not exactly). You see the accepted globe earth model says that the earth is spinning at around 1100-ish miles per hour at the equator, that’s about 1.5 times the speed of sound. And that, with gravity, explains why we stick to a round planet. Well except that if you’ve ever seen a centrifuge or spun a yoyo around you notice that a spinning force tends to push the item farther away from the center (again just giving information not arguing a the validity of either theory).

In this video Brian on the Balls out Physics youtube channel explains his math in calculating why (in his opinion) the globe earth spinning model doesn’t fit with how airplanes seem to work. He comes at it using north-south facing runways as an example using the accepted premise that the plane is actually moving at its speed plus the rotation of the earth, instead of it loosing that momentum at take off. That part doesn’t quite make sense to me because if you have a paper and throw it out the window of your car on the freeway it doesn’t continue at 70mph it pretty much falls down, perhaps I’m over simplifying but again not arguing either point of view. Remember that questioning what you’re told is the best way to free thought, understanding and a smarter society.

Enjoy this Alternate Science, Question everything and always keep learning



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