Video of the Day: Forming Habits 2-5-17

Video of the Day: Forming Habits

Today’s video brought to you via the What I’ve Learned youtube channel is a video going over habits. Now the word habit has a negative connotation to it doesn’t it? Well that’s because most habits we recognize are bad ones such as smoking, drinking, watching countless hours of television the list goes on and on. But what you don’t think of as a habit is driving, or walking the brain however doesn’t differentiate between the two. The brain see an action it’s done 100’s or 1000’s of times and says “I already have a program to run this task I don’t have to think about it now.” Now what if you put conscious effort into forming habits? What if you formed a habit of meditating every morning, or a habit of writing 5 pages a day for that novel you always wanted to write but never have or maybe it’s the habit of working out every day to get into shape. You see you have the tools at your disposal to improve your life and accomplish tasks but you have to put in the effort to really build up the will-power to achieve your goals.

Once you’ve gotten your effort adequately applied just continue until it doesn’t take will-power anymore, and then you’ve formed a habit. I love working out I really do, except I hate working out there’s always “something better” I could be doing with that time which is hardly ever true. The trick is to get a routine and keep it going once you stop that routine it’s so much harder to start again, but if you keep the routine going it builds and builds until it’s a habit and you really don’t even think about it you just workout every evening and the thought of not working out that night doesn’t even occur to you. That’s just one example but check out the video and get a basic understanding of how to form a habit.

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