Video of the Day: Gaining Fat 1-5-17

Video of the Day: Gaining Fat

The Food Pyramid is a joke, well not really it’s just super bad advice. Thanks to this video from the What I’ve Learned¬†youtube channel in today’s video we get to have a simple break-down of the real reason there is so much obesity these days. Basically because of insulin, your body produces insulin to counter-act glucose in the bloodstream because our body can only store so much glucose to quickly access at a time. Why does your body store glucose? It stores glucose for quick energy, but if you have high levels of insulin in your bloodstream then your body isn’t able to use that glucose for energy so it makes you hungry that way it can get some usable fuel. However when you eat if you have carbohydrates it raises your insulin which continues the problem. A diet like intermittent fasting allows your body the 10-15 hours of not eating to level out the insulin production and start using stored energy I.E. fat or stored glucose. Check it out I really like how his videos are simply and well explained he gets enough into the details without going too deep into the technical aspects which saves time and gives you a base to do further research if you want.

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