Video of the Day: What is Hacking? 2-2-17

Video of the Day: What is Hacking?

Now look hacking has been huge lately in the American “news” most of it being blamed on good ol’ Russia (based on what? I have no idea nothing released to the public leads to any definitive conclusions). But anyhow the fact of the matter is hacking happens every day and if you don’t adapt you wont survive plain and simple. I’m not a professional I.T. guy nor am I an expert hacker but I do have enough information on the subject to sound somewhat informed, enough so that some hackers and tech guys I know start talking full on computer syntax and I get to stand there with a dumbfounded look on my face. You may think no one would target you, but you’d be wrong. Sure the vast majority of hackers probably don’t know you exist as an individual but you probably have an email account (sign up for TSS Email) and different accounts on sites probably all using the same password. Those sites may be in a hackers target list and if that gets hacked then your information; name, password, ip address, sometimes even your credit-card or social security number can be stolen. If they do break the security and find your information something could peak their interest in you and they may try to get onto your computer. If you have just the standard protections (firewall etc) then most hackers will just not bother with you because soft targets are easy targets so no protection is a preferable target to one that is defended.
The main way you’ll be targeted as an individual will be through something called “social engineering.” Now what is social engineering? Basically it’s where you’re lead to believe you’re either not giving any relevant information out, giving your information to say a trusted agency when in fact it’s some 38 year old 400 lb guy in his moms basement or you clicking on tempting links and emails (even phone-calls) promising you an “instant fat-loss pill,” “no interest credit-card refinancing” or “5000% return on investment” that will actually lead to malicious sites that are able to put malware or viruses onto your computer if not just flat out steal your investment. There is also a thing called ransom-ware which hijacks your computer and forces you to pay the hacker to get control back of your computer. Be cautious and don’t be duped there’s lots of people who’d rather steal your money then work for it themselves. So check out the video from the SciShow youtube channel to get a basic understanding of what hackers do.

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