Video of the Day: Happiness 1-10-17

Video of the Day: Happiness

Are we truly present in the moment these days? Have we really ever been? Over on the Improvement Pill youtube channel he talks about how this is affecting us being happy his solution? Meditation. Now don’t freak out on me here, it’s not just for Buddhists, hippies, spiritualists, or whatever other preconceived notions you might have about it. I am definitely none of those I’m like you probably in a lot of ways always curious and always looking for better (and healthier) ways to do everything. Going through high-school and a bit of my early time in college I had insomnia, like full on sleep at 12-2 am and wake up at 4:30 to catch the bus (yes that was quite literally the worst). And no it wasn’t that I didn’t need the sleep it was that I just couldn’t no matter how tired I was I would lay in bed with my mind racing about everything that had happened during the day and running scenarios in my head about what would happen tomorrow then what would happen based on each of those scenarios into perpetuity. Trust me you don’t know migraines until you’re low on sleep and your brain essentially hasn’t stopped for weeks on end.

Anyway, back to the point I started doing a sort of meditation technique every night where I would just slow down and basically clear my mind (it’s a lot harder than you think to not think anything). It took a while to work but soon I was able to sleep without issue my migraines downgraded to headaches (which have pretty much gone now since i made a few other changes). But I still do it pretty much every night, now is it proper meditation that I’m getting all the benefits shown in 100’s to 1000’s of studies no definitely not. I do plan on trying it out and of course I will share my experiences with you all once I get into it. Check out this video though to get a quick look and explanation at why you might not not be as happy or satisfied as you once were.

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