Video of the Day: Health- You’re Working Too Much 2-21-17

Video of the Day: Health- You’re Working Too Much

So 40 hours a week is considered to be a normal full time job in most places. But what if I told you that working 40 hours a week may be bad for your health and potentially your lifespan. I’ve put in many weeks over 40 hours myself and if you counted in my commute then you’re talking 55+ hours a week. I knew it didn’t feel right, not that I couldn’t do it, I just felt like I was off most of the time. That 55 hours doesn’t even count the many tasks that need to be completed once you get home cooking, cleaning, fixing things, taking care of the outside and whatever other million things that need to be done around a home. Well now science is backing me up on what I believe, 40 hours a week is unhealthy for you. How can you change it? Well if you have a task based job where you need to complete 5 tasks every day and you go home after they’re done then you could try to do them more efficiently¬†(as an example). Or work from home if you can to avoid the time commuting and eating out at fast food places. Check out this quick video to learn a bit more.

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