Video of the Day: Info Wars CIAR 12-28-16

Video of the Day: Info Wars C.I.A.R.

Now this website isn’t meant to get political but if there’s a story that I feel needs to be passed on I will regardless of it’s political leaning.

So is it just me or does it seem to be that every time there is a disaster, holiday or other major distracting event that congress or the president pushes a bill that takes away more and more of our “God given” American rights? Whether you agree with the belief in God or not is entirely irrelevant to this conversation. Okay back on track. If you haven’t been concerned about any of the things that presidents like Obama, Bush or even back to FDR and before have done to dwindle down America and the American peoples freedoms than this likely wont concern you much. Obama signed a bill over Christmas to create a group called the Center for Information Analysis and Response, it’s purpose is not far from the mission of the SS; if you don’t believe and say what the government deems to be true then you’re silenced (in CAIRs case they’ll probably take down your post or website as they’re the internet “truth” police). If nothing else it’s an interesting story reported by The Alex Jones Youtube Channel, he’s running an opinion show and is conservative in his views so if you’re tired of the main news networks CNN MSNBC FOX etc repeating the same stories that have little to no relevance to you then consider checking out the free media like Info Wars.

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