Video of the Day: Info Wars NOAA and Climate Change 12-29-16

Video of the Day: Info Wars NOAA and Climate Change

One of the biggest tools used by those in positions of power to restrict freedoms and grab more power is the “climate change” angle. I personally believe in being good stewards to the land and environment but because it is the logical thing to do, not because of some fraudulent science cooked up by some basement scientists. Now those of us born in the 90’s or earlier can remember that not too long ago it was called “Global Warming” but when that was proven to be false the changed the branding to ‘Climate change‘. Those that were old enough around the 70’s were brought to terror by the reports of “Global Cooling” which basically said that by now we would all be living under a mile of snow (exaggerated for effect) but it was pushed off as fact and there was nobody able to really show that it wasn’t true because we didn’t have the information sharing like we do today. The folks over at Info Wars have put this video on their page about yet another leak of the climate change “scientists” lies, perhaps they will change the narrative again. Go check this out Info Wars has done great work getting past the lies and corruption of the main media networks and the fabrications created by the government.


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