Video of the Day: Your mind is Lying to You 1-18-17

Video of the Day: Your mind is Lying to You 

Brought to us via the Big Think youtube channel this video helps explain some of the limits we put on ourselves. Now if you’ve ever seen the movie (or series) Limitless you have an idea of what our minds are capable of given that they are “unlocked.” It might interest you to learn that some of the lock-down put on our brains is actually put there by you. Now am I going to give you 10 tips to unlock your brain like NZT (the drug they use in Limitless) no, if I had that ability I’d be on a tropical beach drinking a Piña colada with not a single money concern crossing my mind. Sadly I’m not on a beach because I haven’t figured it out… yet, don’t worry you’ll be the first people I tell if I do figure it out (well there’s Modafinil and Nuvigil, but those are synthetic prescription drugs for narcolepsy). The biggest push to get past a problem (or barrier) is to first recognize that there is a way past it. In this video he explains that (in the context of working out) when your mind says you can’t do anymore you actually have about 60% left that you can do. By recognizing that mental barrier and pushing through it, you can apply it to really most any aspect of your life knowledge and fitness included. Check it out and tell me what you think about it.

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