Video of the Day: The Modern Nomad? 2-3-17

Video of the Day: The Modern Nomad?

Okay there was a slightly similar video about living in a van/vehicle and traveling around but maybe that’s not for you. Maybe you want to travel globally and spend a few weeks in a single place exploring or maybe even a year or two, you just don’t want to be tied down (to one spot). Is it possible? Well thanks to the digital age, yes it is possible. I’m a proponent of not letting electronics and social media etc control your life but if you can use tech to live the lifestyle you want then go for it. In this video from the¬†Chris the Freelancer¬†youtube channel Chris talks about how he is a “digital nomad” and several ways to go about starting that lifestyle. He talks about several different options the most steady being an actual job that can be done remotely, let me clarify; you get a job full or part time with a company maybe data entry or tech support there are options. These jobs don’t require you to physically be in a single location to do the work and therefore can be a steady (full or part time) income making a standard wage for your country. The trick is when you’re traveling that wage you are making (with a few exceptions) is probably quite a bit higher than the standard wage in the country you’re visiting thus giving you ample free money to explore and visit tourist traps. Check out the video and see if it interests you, though it definitely isn’t for everyone.

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