Video of the Day: Productivity 1-4-17

Video of the Day: Productivity 

Ever feel like you’re not accomplishing much? Maybe there just aren’t enough hours in a day. No it’s because you’re older and your brain doesn’t work as fast as when you were younger (well maybe), but no. Chances are you aren’t any worse off then you were when you were younger, in the sense that you still have the ability to be just as productive if not more so now that you know Smarter ways of getting things done. The problem isn’t internal it’s external, well mostly from social media if we get down to it. Myspace, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, Pinterest, Youtube, heck even Snapchat and text messages and emails are all fighting to keep your attention on them. How do they fight? Well how else by manipulation. They are designed to flow smoothly to endless new things to watch, see or comment on either good or bad it really doesn’t matter as far as they’re concerned if it keeps you on their app or site then it’s doing its job. Is it malicious by intent? I would hope not, I think it’s just about the money. But the effects it is causing on so many people; lack of productivity, concentration issues the inability to socialize face to face. All of those are in some way or another caused or exasperated by the so called ‘social media’.  I personally have just about any social media account you can think of, but a few years back I figured out how much time I was losing basically not gaining any relevant information or doing anything productive, so I basically gave myself 10 minutes in the morning to check messages and 10 minutes at night. I found that in those 20 minutes I was able to reply to just about every message and stay in touch. Texting is another story but as I’ve grown up and moved far away from where I grew up the inevitable loss of friends has occurred so I don’t have 50 people texting me everyday it’s more like my family and two or three close friends that I’ve kept around. A long way from the 1000’s of texts a day from back in high-school. This video from the What I’ve Learned Youtube Channel quickly examines the way the internet is messing with your productivity so check it out, I know this was true for me but when I stopped looking at my Facebook I found that I had a lot… I mean a LOT of free time to research different subjects that I was truly interested in and actually gain some meaningful knowledge (not to mention start up this site to help share what I learn and find to help save all of you the time of finding it yourselves).

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