Video of the Day: Ruth Stout Gardening 1-1-17

Video of the Day: Ruth Stout Gardening

Happy New Years everyone today’s Video is from the GGC youtube channel and it’s on the Ruth Stout Method of gardening. Who’s Ruth Stout and why should you care how she gardened? Well she was a gardener and she went about gardening a little different then the conventional methodology. And by a little different I mean she essentially threw it out entirely. Basically she said “hey’ (no pun intended) ‘I’m going to throw a bunch of hay on the ground and just put my seeds under it”, and long behold it worked. Why did it work? Well I like your curiosity so let me quickly explain; you see when grass fields die off for the winter or trees lose their leaves they simple fall on the ground and begin to decompose. Now why is that a good thing? For several reasons actually; First being that it adds nutrients to the soil, secondly it shield the dirt from harmful UV rays, thirdly it helps retain moisture and it also helps keep the soil a comfortable temperature. Now that you understand why it’s beneficial you can see that all Ruth did was jump-start the process, each year the hay decomposes and starts building new (very nutrient rich) soil and each year she would add more mulch. This eliminates the need for digging weeding (because they’re choked out by the mulch) and the need for fertilizing. This video shows the basic setup for a Ruth Stout style garden bed so check it out and maybe you’ll see gardening doesn’t have to be hard.

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