Video of the Day: Why School Sucks 3-5-17

Video of the Day: Why School Sucks

Look it’s no secret how I feel about the schooling system. I spent many years in it without learning much and it was easy for me, the biggest problems I saw were; you’re being taught things that don’t help you in life, it’s presented (usually) in a very uninteresting way and you aren’t taught how to think you’re only taught to memorize and forget. Today’s video is one that more eloquently states some of my views on the school system but with some profanity. Don’t get me wrong I had a handful of good teachers throughout the years (by handful I mean maybe 5 in total) out of around 35-ish teachers, hands down the few years I did homeschooling were the most productive I had in all my years of school as far as intellectual growth goes. Well feel free to check the video out and maybe you’ll be able to come up with some ideas to help fix it.

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