Video of the Day: Science- Holy Molten Carbon Lake!! 2-16-17

Video of the Day: Science- Holy Molten Carbon Lake!! 

So some scientists have ‘discovered’ a molten lake of carbon under the western United States. I put an emphasis on discovered because firstly it’s too far down to drill to and second in all fairness it’s their best guess as to what it is having never seen it. All that being said it’s the kind of thing that makes you think a little bit about how little we can actually affect the environment over long spans of time in comparison to what nature can do nearly instantly. Now I’m not saying go chop down every tree in the world and burn them all, no quite to the contrary I love going out into nature/forests so if you do that then I’ll be coming for you with my not so happy face on. What I’m saying is short of all out nuclear war we couldn’t , even if we tried really hard for 100’s of years, do what this molten lake of carbon could do in a matter of days/weeks/months. Check it out.

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