Video of the Day: Sociology pt.1 3-15-17

Video of the Day: Sociology pt.1

I personally liked my sociology class back in high-school, I thought it was pretty much logical and somewhat straight forward to understand. Not to mention I had some really cool people sitting all around me and I got to mess around a bit in class. All that aside sociology (core word social suffix ology- meaning the study of) is essentially the study of society and the social structures therein.

So how could knowing some sociology help you? Well as with most things it all depends on your path through life, are you a public speaker or a day trader working from home? If you’re a full on hobbit or recluse sociology is basically useless to you, on the other hand a public speaker whom is always around people and trying to relate with and understand their needs/background/ point of view might find it very useful indeed. Now this video isn’t the end-all be-all of sociology (far from it) but it does give a little start into what sociology is and perhaps give you an idea of whether or not you’d like to look into it more so check it out.

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