Video of the Day: SpaceX doing it’s part Recycling 4-12-17

Video of the Day: SpaceX doing it’s part Recycling

SpaceX (under the control of Elon Musk) like many of Mr Musks other companies is making strides in improving and developing technology and doing so in stride. Musk may not quite be Tony Stark (Iron man) but he’s the closest thing we have and being able to land and reuse a rocket capable of delivering payloads to space is a major feat, about 60 years after Sputnik (launched October of 1957).

For 60 years rockets weren’t entirely able to be reused so with this massive push in cost reduction by reusing a very expensive part of the system needed to make the trip to space it’s likely that the cost will be reduced and a larger interest put into space. Maybe Musk will tackle the depths of the seas next.

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