Video of the Day: Testosterone 1-6-17

Video of the Day: Testosterone

Testosterone, a very useful hormone if you need to build muscle, lose fat or even grow a beard (kind of). The three best ways (in my experience) to increase testosterone is to do intermittent fasting, eat clean (no soy, sugar etc) and to lift weights. It’s not like taking steroids, you probably wont get 20 inch biceps in a week but basically what you’re doing is telling your body ‘hey I need more strength, and I’m going to take away these problems that are hindering you like estrogen’. Everything about it is natural so you won’t have the serious side effects of taking testosterone boosting drugs, which in the long run actually lower your bodies ability to produce it’s own testosterone thus creating a dependence. Now if for some reason you’ve had your testosterone checked by a doctor and they say it’s really low, then it might be a good idea to take a booster for the short term (a few weeks) along with implementing some or all of these techniques but I don’t recommend taking them long term as the point of this is to get your body functioning properly and not relying on a crutch. Todays video from the Improvement Pill youtube channel gives some really good advice on how to naturally boost testosterone, some of which I can personally vouch for. Check it out and start being healthier. PS: this isn’t just for men women need testosterone as well just not nearly as much.

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