Video of the Day: Toothpaste 1-27-17

Video of the Day: Toothpaste

Okay, today’s video isn’t relevant to anyone in the UK (only joking much love to the UK but I have to say America had the greatest Brexits of all time). So if you’re even slightly health conscious you’ve probably heard about fluoride, if you ask your dentist it’s the greatest thing for your teeth every. If you ask anyone else they’ll tell you it’s toxic, poisonous and can really mess up parts of your brain. So what is the answer? Well it is sort of both, now when the original study was done on fluoride back around 1901 the fluoride they were using was calcium-fluoride which is a natural form of fluoride and the results could be questionable even with that because how good was dental hygiene back then? The fluoride used in today’s toothpastes are not calcium-fluoride they are different variations but to my knowledge they aren’t usually natural (aka synthetic). I’ve spent a fair bit of time at the dentist the past few months getting my teeth worked on and a heck of a lot of money, I’ve always taken care of my teeth I had braces when I was younger (to the Brits: braces are to help straighten out your teeth) and honestly it was the most damaging things I’ve ever done to my teeth and I’ve been paying for it ever since (go with invisiline or whatever it’s called don’t get metal braces if you don’t absolutely have to).

Back on topic; So about 5 months ago after I found out how rough of shape my teeth were in I asked if there was something I could do about it, and as expected my dentist recommended a high-fluoride toothpaste. I didn’t accept that as I already knew fluoride was bad and I looked around for other toothpastes I found some natural once and ever since I started using them my teeth have been whiter (the dentist has had trouble color-matching them because they don’t keep the bright white colors in stock) and I have had no new problems either. I wish I had known about these years ago so I could have maybe prevented these problems from occurring. Check out this video from Doctor Scott Health‘s youtube channel and find a new toothpaste that might work for you.

Here are his recommendations:

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EarthPaste: On Ebay      on Amazon

Desert Essence: On Ebay    on Amazon

Jason Sea Fresh: On Ebay    on Amazon

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