Video of the Day: The unregulated Drug- SUGAR 3-19-17

Video of the Day: The unregulated Drug- SUGAR

For the sake of argument lets see if sugar is a drug. Okay to be considered a drug in my eyes a substance has to have at least a few factors.

Does sugar affect your brain chemestry- Yes

Does ingesting sugar have an effect on your mood- Yes

Does not eating sugar after regularly consuming it cause withdrawal- Yes

Does eating sugar have bad health effects- Yes/ (might cause cancer not conclusive at this time)

Well to me that seems like a drug. But I can buy it by the truckload at Costco, you’ll crack down on weed which may¬†actually be beneficial in some cases in treating symptoms/ diseases and you’ll prescribe adderall which is meth to kids and give them sugar for days. Sorry folks I don’t smoke weed never really had any interest in doing so but that still seems like some backwards thinking that does nothing but cause problems and cost money to enforce, ban sugar and prescription drugs that are toxic to us and let more natural medicine come back, some of those old remedies worked for 1000’s of years and some worked even better than what the modern equivalent is. Check out the video it’s got a bit of humor in it.

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