Video of the Day: Wellness- Addictive Food 2-12-17

Video of the Day: Addictive Food

Today’s video is a talk explaining some foods that are addictive. Neal Barnard is a very accomplished and quite well known and respected person around the industry. As you probably know there are benefits and downsides to just about everything in life, that includes foods. Some foods have great levels of certain nutrients but they may be bad if you have allergies to them. Again everyone is different and you have to experiment a bit to find out what is best for you but there are some basic guidelines to start from. Now I love cheese I really do but I’ve tried to cut it way way down in my diet because really I don’t see any benefit from it and usually I don’t feel so great after I eat some pizza or quesadillas or what ever else has excessive amounts of cheese on it. I won’t lie I haven’t had any marked improvement in weight-loss or overall health that I can attribute directly to cutting cheese down but I can say that I haven’t noticed a detriment either. Check the video out see what you think and maybe try limiting or cutting some of these addictive foods out.

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