Video of the Day: Wood Burning 12-24-16

Video of the Day: Wood Burning

Todays video is about wood burning, more specifically burning Lichtenberg figures into wood thanks to Nate from the Keystone Science youtube channel. Now this can be very dangerous it involves voltage and amperage at levels that can KILL YOU, so please don’t do this unless you are using the proper protective equipment, have the knowledge required and are very careful (and adult supervision). I personally think these designs look very cool and it may very-well be a part of a future project, but for now it’s just for knowledge sake. To do this method you’ll need a microwave transformer, some cables, baking soda, water and wood (plus proper insulation and protective equipment). Also having someone who knows about electricity to wire up the transformer wouldn’t hurt. Once all the safety procedures are in-place and you’re set up to go, Stop and make sure you have a fire extinguisher at hand. Alright then if you’re still willing to try it out go ahead but please be careful.

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