What do I think about Christmas?

What do I think about Christmas?

Oh yeah it’s the best season of the year again, winter!

‘What? How is winter the best season?’ you ask.

Well maybe it’s because I love the cold weather, or perhaps the hot chocolate and eggnog? But then there’s the fact that I was born 5 days after Christmas, smack dab in the middle of winter, so obviously that alone would make it officially the best season throughout the globe. You wouldn’t even have to add; the snowboarding/skiing, sitting in front of fireplaces, festive sweaters, all the twinkling lights, Christmas T.V. show specials *cough* Doctor who *cough*, the extreme potential for some kick-butt Netflix marathons or the gathering together of friends and family.

Those of you with a keen eye noticed that I didn’t mention all the gifts.

‘But why John? The gifts are fantastic! The best part of winter hands down!’

Well first off, how the heck did you know my name, this is my first post on the site so that’s kind of creepy. Secondly, those with an even more keen eye saw that hey my birthday is right after Christmas… Yeahhh if you know anyone born around Christmas you probably have heard this before verbatim so this will perhaps be a bit superfluous (look it up).  So ask anyone with a birthday right after Christmas and I can pretty much guarantee that you will hear a complaint about how people give one gift and call it a Christmas/ birthday gift.

‘Hey that’s okay, that means you just got a better gift instead of two not so great gifts right?’

Geez, stop cutting me off, let me finish a train of thought, anyhow where was I? Oh right, I can also almost guarantee that the gift given was not twice as great as a single gift and from my experience they are usually just one gift of equal price to one separate gift just counted as two. Now I’ve never really been all that materialistic, don’t get me wrong there are plenty of things I have that I could probably live without but they make life easier, so the whole gift combo-special wasn’t all that big of deal to me. If I’m completely honest I don’t like receiving gifts all that much, not to say I’m ungrateful I mean someone decided to spend their hard-earned money buying something for you that’s a very kind gesture. It just usually ends up being something you don’t need or want and it either becomes clutter or you get rid of it. Let us be serious here how many ceramic cat statues from crazy aunt Ethel do you really need? I think you catch my drift.

Now don’t misinterpret that rant, I really do love winter and the Christmas season. Like they say though you’re shaped by who you spend time with and your environment, and I grew up with 3 siblings in a single income household in California so money was always tight but plenty of people live with less than we had so don’t think we were out on the streets but it just made the whole gift giving part of Christmas a much less prominent part of our experience. Oh and if you were wondering yes I was the middle child of the four kids, so I have the middle child syndrome on top of the whole birthday at Christmas problem as well (I am the middle child don’t argue that there isn’t a middle child with 4 kids because you’d be wrong). My childhood was in the 90’s and 2000’s so from my recollection when I was young stores started pushing Christmas about a week or two before Dec 25th. This year there were stores already pushing Christmas decorations before Halloween, to me that is way too early and it makes the whole thing feel very commercialized and forced.

The last two Christmases have been pretty unsatisfactory, probably due to the fact that I moved from California all the way to the east coast so no family very few friends makes for a melancholy Christmas. This Christmas will probably be more of the same but hopefully next year I’ll be able to save up and visit some family and have a real Christmas again.

So to wrap this up I love the family, friends and giving environment surrounding the Christmas season. As far as the blatant exploitation of Christmas from a business standpoint I’m sure it’s a lucrative and worthwhile promotional method but as a person I find it ridiculous and obnoxious.

That being said, please enjoy your family/friend gatherings this Christmas, and if you were thinking of getting a Christmas/birthday combo gift for someone you know DON’T! Just pop onto Amazon and grab something for them so they have two defined separate gifts, you’ll become much cooler in their eyes and with Prime you can get it there quick!


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