What I Think About The Election

What I Think About The Election

Disclaimer: Not entirely unbiased

This election was easily one of the most divisive elections in US history. There were two very polarizing candidates, one that has been tied up in lies, scandals, corruption and possibly (according to theories) even murder. The other one, Trump, had his own lawsuits, anti-establishment mentality, non-politically correct verbiage and a full out media assault on his character, his family and his company. Even with all of those things considered Trump and Clinton both made it to the top of their parties candidates. Of course with the hack on the DNC exposing¬†how the democrat nominees selection was rigged against ol’ Bernie and for Clinton another scandal was added into the mix she blamed this releasing of information not the fact that the corruption was true as the main reason she lost. Even with that Clinton was still a valid candidate, mostly because the democrats control the coasts between the north-east coast and California they have the better part of the 270 electoral votes needed to win an election. With that the wishes of over half of the countries mass is pretty-much completely ignored. The American people generally view Obama as a huge failure as a president from his domestic policies, to his foreign blunders and his complete disregard for the wishes of both the founding fathers and the American populous with all of his executive order laws. Put simply Clinton was seen as going to expand on his failures, enlarging the government and doing what she wanted with no regard for the majority of people. Trump was presented as basically the opposite of everything Obama and Clinton stood for supporting the constitution, reforming and shrinking the government, cutting spending, cutting taxes and listening to the people.

Now Clinton says Trump only won because she was under investigation for basically what anyone else would have already been in jail for, Treason whether by stupidity ignorance or intended is still treason. Somehow even with all of that she still managed to get around half of the popular vote, now if that is because of the illegal aliens allowed to vote or not is an entirely different subject (estimated between 11 and 50 million illegal aliens currently in the USA) or those of her that voted for her just to vote against Trump or just because she was a woman. However Trump managed to take some Liberal stronghold states away from Clinton which is rarely if ever done on this scale and he demolished her. Now the argument about popular vote vs electoral vote isn’t truly valid for several reasons one being illegal votes in states like California and because not all the votes were counted. Once a candidate is far enough ahead in a state that if all the remaining votes were counted the other candidate could not catch up then they stop counting the votes because there is no point in continuing. Furthermore many absentee votes aren’t counted unless they could sway the states vote, and since these tend to mostly be republican votes that must also be taken into account. So in all likely-hood Trump may have won the popular vote as well.

Am I glad Trump won? Well I’m glad Clinton didn’t, I’ve seen such a degradation of society and morals in the last 15+ years that I don’t know if the country could have lasted yet another liberal leader. With a more republican congress Bill Clinton wasn’t able to push many of his policies but with Bush and Obama having little to no resistance many liberal, anti-american and anti-constitution bills got passed. If there was another four or eight years of that sort of policy making then who knows what America would look like, probably a lot like the liberal stronghold of Detroit (a terrifying prospect indeed). Do I trust Trump? No but there hasn’t been a good choice for president really in probably 200 years, we vote for the lesser of two evils and hope that we picked right.
Obama and the liberals were trying to silence dissent on global warming ¬†(or the re-branded climate change) and dissent against Scientism. Which is an assault on the first amendment, not to mention Clinton wanted to put Chicago style gun bans on the whole nation which has worked so well for the law abiding Chicagoans *cough not really cough* it’s been great for the criminals though. Honestly all we can do is sit back and see how Trump does so far his cabinet selection has been pretty spot on by choosing experts in their fields instead of repaying favors. Now we see how long he lasts the terrorist groups like The Black Panthers and Black Lives Matter have been stirring up a lot of trouble and violence lately, and all the previous Presidents that were assassinated or that had attempted assassinations were committed by liberals.

Go ‘Murica!



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